About Scrilla KING

lichstein-imaging-6449.jpgScrilla King is far from the usual and distant from average. His life has been no ordinary walk in the park but better known as a fight for liberty. His name is Ciristen Joseph better known to his fan base as Scrilla King. Scrilla King is  21 years old born on Feb 20th 1993, Scrilla is a African american male. He comes from a small family,his father from Haiti and his mother from the states. He has had many hardships in his life but nothing has stopped him in the fight to press forward. Growing up on the  south side of Fort Wayne he no what its like to come up from nothing and work for everything you need or desire.

He feels that his music gives him the opportunity to unite people and express his true thoughts about his everyday life. “To write is one thing but to inspire another mind when you write is a totally different experience while making music”. In his adolescent days he loved to write poetry. He has always been good with words and comprehending the setting and languages of music. He grew up singing in all different types of choirs. Show Choir, All state, Circle the state and many more.

He has won numerous competitions for his singing and has also won many talent shows in school and out of school events. He feel as if he writing alone in his lyrics creates such a story that any one who hears him can feel the pain that he has felt thru his voice and sincerity in his music.

scrilla loves music he listens to hundreds of songs daily. He likes to know words to all kinds of songs so he can get a culture flow and understanding of every idea or creation a human has or can think of. He feels this is very important because if you limit your ears you limit your mind. He has been making songs since he was about 8 years old. To him the reason music is so important is because it can change your mood within seconds of its interaction with your ears.

“When something can change your mood its almost as if it has power over your feelings for that short period of time that you engage into the rhythm and melody of the song”. He has always been the motivating kind of person.

He loves to put a smile on someone else face before he even can think to care about the needs of himself. He feels that music can define who you are and why you act a certain way at a certain time. When a tool given thru instruments can make such change in society he looks at it almost as if its just adding color and life to everyday things. Scrilla plays the Alto Saxophone,Piano,drums and viola so pitch,rhythm and sound have never been a problem for him.  He loves music and he will continue to pursue his dreams as long as he is alive to do so.